COVID-19 Disinfection Services

Covid-19 Cleaning Services for Your Business

When an employee, visitor, client, or supplier who has visited your facility tests positive for COVID-19, you need to evaluate how to deal with the possibility that your equipment and facilities are contaminated.

It’s time to consider how you’re going to ensure your facilities and equipment aren’t contributing to the spread of COVID-19.

  • It’s widely believed the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can survive on hard surfaces and still cause infections in people for days, even weeks.
  • Many people have COVID-19 but never develop symptoms.
  • People who do develop symptoms have likely been infected and spreading the disease for up to two weeks before becoming ill.
  • Accordingly, there is a substantial risk that your facility might be contaminated and you don’t know it (or don’t know it yet).

Whether your facility has been closed and you’re preparing to reopen or whether you’ve had an outbreak and need to decontaminate your facility, Rhino is here to help.

For many years we’ve been a premier provider of environmental clean-up services, specializing in confined space, industrial cleaning, and hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal. With full personal protective equipment and decontaminating aerosols, we’re able to deploy on short notice and completely mitigate and remediate your facility and equipment after COVID-19 contamination.

Following EPA- and CDC-recommended methods and materials, we give our clients the peace of mind to safely restore their operations after being impacted by COVID-19. Give us a call today for a prompt response and accurate estimate.

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