A Beginner’s Guide to Frac Tanks

If you work in heavy industries, you likely require on-site liquid storage for different jobs. This is especially true for environmental clean-up operations, where waste needs to be removed quickly and safely. In these situations, there isn’t time to sit around and wait on unreliable equipment.

Transporting massive amounts of liquids poses many logistical and operational challenges, from figuring out what equipment you need to actually getting your hands on it and hauling it to the job site.  

One well-proven solution to on-site liquid storage and usage is the use of Frac Tanks. To help you get up to speed and what Frac Tanks are, when they’re used, and other information, we’ve assembled this beginner’s guide!

What is a Frac Tank?

A Frac Tank is a mobile tank that stores water or other liquid materials for use on the job site. These are large, heavy-gauge steel structures that can use connections to pump water and other materials to move waste, fracture wells, and other things. 

Frac Tanks are hauled by tractors to their destination, where they’re often filled by a vacuum pump truck with the materials required for the job. They’re DOT registered, meaning you can haul them on public roads without issue. All you’ll need is a tractor with a winch and a fifth wheel attachment.

They come in various shapes and sizes, making them a good fit for essentially any job where you need to store, move, and pump large amounts of liquids.

When do I need a Frac Tank?

Frac Tanks are commonly used in the oil and gas industry to fracture wells, but they have a wide variety of other applications as well. 

To fracture wells, Frac Tanks are filled with saltwater, acid, or pebbled mud—which are pumped into the earth to create fractures that keep wellbores open. 

Though fracturing is one of their most common applications, they’re useful for any large-scale operation that requires on-site liquid storage and transportation. Due to their movability and versatility, they can be used in many different industries like the ones we listed above: chemical, paper, wood, infrastructure management, agricultural, and more. 

Frac Tanks are also great for hazardous and non-hazardous waste removal projects. They can hold thousands of gallons of liquid waste, water, or cleaning materials that can be moved around the job site with ease. 

They are used in so many industries partly because of how easy they are to drain. They don’t have to be sloped to be fully evacuated. Frac tanks include pumps at the bottom, meaning you can remove all the contents quickly in order to minimize expensive waste and downtime.

How much can a Frac Tank hold? 

The amount of liquid that Frac Tanks can hold depends on the size of the model. Mini Frac Tanks can hold up to 9,000 gallons, while full-size Frac Tanks can hold up to 21,000 gallons. 

Beyond size, Frac Tanks can be differentiated by their design. For example, they can have features like smooth vs. corrugated walls, v-bottoms vs. rounded bottoms, and other design aspects that affect their functionality in the field. To figure out what size and shape Frac Tank is best for your project specifications, get in contact with a Frac Tank distributor.

Rhino Environmental will Provide Frac Tanks for Your Operations

As discussed, Frac Tanks have a lot of uses across a variety of industries. From oil and gas well fracturing to chemical manufacturing and environmental waste removal, Frac Tanks can be utilized for almost any operation that requires, storage, transportation, and pumping of liquids.

Rhino Environmental serves non-hazardous and hazardous environmental waste removal operations across the nation by providing equipment that keeps things running smoothly and efficiently. 

We will rent out Frac Tanks and Mini Frac Tanks for your operation so you can move liquid waste safely and reliably.

If you need more than Frac Tanks, we have you covered. From vacuum truck services to waste treatment and processing, Rhino Environmental does it all.

Contact us today to learn more about Frac Tank rentals, available sizes, and pricing.

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